About Me

It’s my husband, our two Bigs (college), our two Littles (elementary-age) our two doodles and the solitary me. The solitary me who loves the latest in technology, but cozies up with a “real” book every chance she gets; the me who wishes she loved water as much as she loves strong, black coffee. The me who loves Jesus, but has a mouth like a sailor. The me who has learned so many hard lessons and so many beautiful ones. 

We have a loud, loving, chaotic life of moving back and forth and all across the country because of my husband’s job. It’s shown us how to be intrepid explorers and also how to survive the intangible heartbreak of uprooting children and their friendships time after time. I know a couple of things for sure… it is survivable and can be (dare I say) enjoyable when you remember to laugh (at yourself and your bizarre coping strategies) and keep it real. 

I jumped from Corporate America to Stay-At-Home-Mom. Actually, I tripped, fumbled and fell into the SAHM situation and I am still trying to figure it out. (I’ll be gentle with myself here and say I’m a slow learner).

But, with the help of my family and awe-inspiring tribe of “real” sisters (hey, Linds and Mags) plus my SoulSisters (I love you, family by choice), I am wading through the joys and chaos of momming. 

So, jump aboard the crazy train of  motherhood! Let’s examine it, cherish it, loathe it, cry about it, and celebrate it together. It’s a heck of a lot more fun and tolerable knowing you aren’t alone in this circus. Let’s make another cup of strong, black coffee, shall we?